Ekin Fidel Efe aka E.F.E.

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Ekin Fidel Efe aka Swashbuckler, has always been passionate about music since the age of nine after being inspired by his older brother to pick up music.
Fast and energetic club music has always interested him since he got further into music.
Very shortly after experiencing the first club sounds, Ekin had realised that music was what he wanted to do in life and started his music career at a very young age.
Although he was quite young, he kicked off by producing his own tracks which were and still are a combination of hard and dark sounds combined together with trancy melodies ; which sooner came out as his own” Club Style”. Under the alias of Swashbuckler, his career began with a compilation album ” Progress Trance Time Vol. 1” which included 3 of his finest tracks.

New releases/Projects are on their way…

E.F.E. on Soundcloud

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