I can’t see my plugins in LUNA

If you’re trying to load a “Mono to Stereo” plugin into a mono track, you can’t see the plugin in the list. Because Luna is not compatible to “Mono to Stereo” plugin versions. But here is a very quick solution for this:

At this time, LUNA only supports mono-to-mono and stereo-to-stereo track formats. If you are trying to use an Audio Units plug-in that only supports mono-to-stereo or stereo-to-mono formats, such plug-ins will only show up on mono tracks or stereo tracks. The workaround for mono-to-stereo issues would be to convert the mono track to a stereo track (Track menu>Convert to Stereo), and then insert the AU plug-in on the stereo track.

UAD LUNA Support

You can also find it in UAD’s official support website: https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042925631-Why-are-Audio-Units-plug-ins-missing-in-LUNA-

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