I purchased the product from another website (Reseller). How can I activate the license?

If you purchased the NoiseAsh product from a reseller webstore, you need to have a current NoiseAsh account. If you don’t have a NoiseAsh account, you can register an account from NoiseAsh web store for free.

After the account registeration, please follow one of the quick video guides (Online or Offline Activation) below for your preference. You can use eihter the Plugin or License Manager for the activation; steps are the same for both ways:

Find out how to activate NoiseAsh products online with License Manager.

Our system provides both online and offline activation. But because of being the easiest and fastest way, we highly recommend online activation of course! Below, there is the quick video guide for the offline activation.

Find out how to activate NoiseAsh products online with License Manager.

If you have a NoiseAsh account already and if you want to use all of your licenses in one account, please don’t create a new one. In order to activate each product that’s been purchased from the reseller stores, you need to follow the same procedure. So if you’ve purchased a NoiseAsh product from a reseller store:

  • Firstly, Add the License key to your account
  • Then activate the license

Please note that License Manager is not a downloader or installer. It only manages your licenses. For the product installation, you need to use the standart product installers. Alternatively you can also use the plugins for the license activation and management. In the plugins, Activation / Deactivation / Add License procedure is pretty easy and straight forward just like the License Manager.

NoiseAsh product licensing system is user and computer based. A product license can be activated up to 3 computers. And also on each computer, only one user account can be authorized at the same time. If the user account changes, all of the license data is being refreshed acording to the current user account.

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