What is the resale policy for the products?

Software license transfers are only available for customers who own a purchased, full software license of the product in question.

Software license transfers are not available for:

  • Time-Limited, Educational, NFR, or retail software bundled licenses.
  • Customers who have already transferred a particular product. For example, you may not purchase a product, transfer it to another user, then repurchase the same product and transfer it a second time.
  • You may not transfer any past versions of software after purchasing an upgrade while still retaining the latest version. If you wish to transfer your license to another user, only the present version of that product will be transferred, while past versions will be disabled.

To transfer a license to another user, the original owner of the license must contact NoiseAsh directly with our support from support@noiseash.com with the following included in the e-mail:

  • Name of the new user
  • E-mail address of the new user
  • License Number of the product the owner would like to have transferred

If you have any questions about NoiseAsh’s license transfer policy, please contact NoiseAsh Customer Support.

NOTE: If the product is purchased with regular price (no sale price), the transfer will be done free. But if the product is purchased with the sale price, then the Transferring License Fee is $10 for each License.