Speakers simplified.

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SpeakerSim is a realistic emulation of different types of speakers with their own acoustics and environments. This processor can be used for these purposes: Checking your mix roughly in different speaker systems, Music productions, TV or Movie audio post productions.

Setting the speaker types is just a few clicks away. User friendly interface makes sound-morphing much more easier. 18 types of speaker emulations, all in one.

Watch the Overview Video

See the features, hear the sound of the SpeakerSim.

Preset Walkthrough

See the features, hear the sound of the SpeakerSim.

World of Speakers

All of the 18 types of the speaker emulations are extremely realistic in SpeakerSim. Three bullhorn / megaphone types, computer, cellphone, vintage phone, jukebox, answering machine, headphone, radio, car, toy, mini guitar cabinet, wireless walkie talkie, turn table and some room sounds are all in one plugin.

  • Popular 18 types of speakers
  • Lo-Fi Degrade and Distordion
  • Limiter and Classic Analog Solid EQ

Fast and Easy Sound Morphing

SpeakerSim is based on the convolution technique but, it also allows you to have extra control over the sound with Lo-fi Degrade Distortion, Limiter and Solid EQ units. Also introducing these options with a simple GUI, the result is intuitive, very fast and easy sound manipulation.

Real Examples

Most people use their cellphones, headphones or even computer speakers to listen music or watch movies. So you need to hear what listeners hear. And it would be very useful to check your track in such systems quickly with a just few clicks. So you will be able to tweak your mix acording to this monitors and you’ll get much more stable mixes that sound on almost every speaker system! SpeakerSim allows you to roughly check the mix in different speaker environments.

Plenty of Uses

SpeakerSim can be used for Video Audio Post Productions as well as Music Productions & Mixing Purposes. You can make a studio-recorded human voice, sound like in the cell phone / walkie talkie / PA loudspeaker. Or make a song playing on a radio / old turn table / jukebox. And this sound effects can be done so quickly with SpeakerSim .


Product Specifications

  • NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast DSP Engine
  • Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities
  • 18 unique speaker simulation engine: 3 types of Megaphone (Bullhorn), Old PC, Cellphone, Vintage phone, Jukebox, Answering machine, Headphone, Old Radio (with roomed version), Car, Toy, Mini guitar cabinet, Wireless walkie talkie (with roomed version), Vintage turn table (with roomed version)
  • Lo-Fi degrade distortion unit
  • Built-in Intelligent Limiter unit
  • 3 band Solid State EQ (Low Shelf – Mid – High Shelf)
  • LP & HP Filters
  • Resizable GUI
  • Friend of CPU

Channel Components


System Requirements

  • You can try all of the NoiseAsh products using Demo Mode which is fully functional, with no expiration date. As the Demo Mode limitation, the output of the plugin will mute briefly every 30 seconds. If you like it, you can purchase a license and then authorize the demo mode.
  • Windows
  • Included: VST3, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit only)
  • Windows 7 64-bit or above
  • VST3 / AAX host
  • Intel I3 2ghz or above / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above
  • 4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive
  • Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download
  • macOS
  • Included: VST3, AU, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit only)
  • macOS 10.9.5 or above
  • VST3 / AU / AAX host
  • Intel I3 2ghz or above / Native Apple Silicon
  • 4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive
  • Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution
  • Ability to download

License Protection

NoiseAsh products use a completely software-based licensing system. No USB or hardware dongles, no special drivers are needed. The activation process is pretty easy and straight forward which provides both Online and Offline Activation.

No USB Dongle

No USB or hardware dongles are required


1 license up to 3 computers

Online & Offline

Both Online and Offline Activation options are available

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